Customers from outside of Holland.
Are you a customer from outside of Holland? From Belgium, Germany or Luxembourgh? From anywhere else..?

Don't worry! You can still buy the world's best jerky and biltong from me, just not directly in the webshop because the payment system can't handle payments from banks outside of Holland. My apologies.

Please send me an e-mail and let me know what you want and I will let you know what the extra shippingcosts are (for Belgium, Germany and Luxembourgh it is € 3,50), what the totall costs are and I will provide you with the bankaccount data so you can pay. When I have received the money on my account I will ship the goods to you. You will receive an e-mail with a track and trace code so you can keep track with the shipment yourself but usually shipping to Belgium and Germany goes so very fast that the data can not keep up with the package.


Bankpayments are much safer than PayPall or creditcard! Paypall accounts get hacked all over the place, credit card data dito.
Bankdata is much safer. And with me you are not dealing with some unknown person in Asia or Russia with a fake website and fake customer reviews. I am Mark Kusters, Europe's most well known ("ahum") beef jerky salesman. Travelling salesman too because you can find me all over this part of Europe:
The Netherlands: Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Lisse, Utrecht, Arcen, Groningen and mor

Germany: Dortmund, Frankfurt, München, Aachen and more.
Belgium: Brussels, Gent, Antwerpen, Berlaar, Stavelot and more.

My reviews.
I had a Guestbook with many -very enthusiastic- reviews from many (real!) customers. People who learned to enjoy jerky by me. But then the page was found by some spammer...
 I still have Facebook! 

Allmost all my customers eventually become Facebook friends. At Facebook I can inform you about new tastes, discounts, giveaways, events where I promote my goods and a bit of archery and Formula 1. And at Facebook it is where my customers can -among other things- tell the world about how happy they are with their jerky and biltong, purchased from me.
This cannot be "fixed". Not like those star ratings ***** on websites which are unbelievable unthrustworthy.