Storage of jerky and biltong.


Moist and damp are the enemies of dried meat so make sure there is none of that.

Never leave a closed bag of jerky or biltong in high or very low temperatures:
there will appear moist inside the bag and that will spoil the meat.

When a bag of Indiana jerky or Wild jerky is open the meat is far less delicate: it can take any high or low temperature that you throw at it but...if you got a house with high humidity than that will create moist problems of course.

When I got an opened bag of Indiana or Wild jerky I usually fold it ones and put it down on the table, but in my house there are no cats, dogs, or children so the bag remains safe.

A bag of my own All Natural jerky or biltong should be kept open and if possible stored in the refridgerator. This jerky (or biltong) is without modern day preservatives so it should be handled with more care.

And what if something has gone wrong anyway?
For instance you got nice big piece of biltong and it shows some white haze? Don't worry, the white haze is some oxidation that you don't have to be afraid of. Just scrape it off and enjoy the biltong.
But what if the biltong shows some white mould patches? Then you got a problem. Only a couple of small patches? Cut them out wide and thoroughly and start enjoying the biltong in a higher pace than before. Got mould all over the place, through and through? Throw it away and cry your heart out!