Indiana beef jerky hot & sweet 100 gram
12 x Indiana beef jerky Hot & Sweet 100 gram incl. shipping

Wholesale price. Indiana jerky is one of the finest jerky's in the world and without sugar! Price is incl. shipping in NL.

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WHOLESALE PRICE 12 bags Indiana beef jerky Hot & Sweet 100 gram incl. shipping in NL.

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Indiana jerky is one of the very best mass produced jerky's in the whole world. No sugar added like the jerky's you find in the supermarket, because you deserve jerky without sugar. 

Indiana beef jerky Hot & Sweet is top quality beef meat, cut into thin strips, marinated, and then hung to dry/smoked above a wood fire. After that the strips are cut into ready-to-eat pieces. Enjoy!

Indiana beef jerky Hot & Sweet contains:
4% fat
5% sea salt
1% carbohydrates
Gluten free.
Sugar free.

it takes about 240 gram of beef steak to produce 100 gram of Indiana beef jerky Hot & Sweet.