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Beef biltong grote stukken van 170 tot 600 gram excl. porto

Biltong is topkwaliteit rundvlees, gesneden, gemarineerd en gedroogd op de Zuidafrikaanse manier. Wordt verkocht per gewicht.

€ 123,45
Prijs per stuk



Biltong is top quality beef meat. Marinated after Southafrican recipe and then dried.
Sold by weight, that's why you can't order directly from here but you got to send me an e-mail.
Just let me know which weight you desire and I'll see what I got for you.

Price is €  6,95 per 100 gram excluding shipping. Shipping is usually about € 5,90.

My beef biltong is produced without any artificial additives, is gluten-free and without "E-numbers".
The big pieces of biltong usually range from 250 to 600 grams with the most choice between 320 and 400 grams.

Looking forward to reading from you: mark (at)

Biltong, dried meat doesn't get much better than this. That's why a Southafrican doesn't like to leave his country: hard to get good biltong outside the southern part of Africa.

So what is biltong?
Biltong is a big piece of meat taken from the behind (bil) of the animal and in the shape of a big tongue (tong): biltong. "Invented" by the Dutch colonists in Africa (the "boeren") a couple of hundred years ago who needed to dry their meat since they couldn't find any electricity for their refridgerators. (That's a joke, I hope you get it.) It starts out as a very thick piece of meat, gets marinated with those typical Southafrican-style herbs and spices and then it's dried for about 4 days. The end result compared to jerky is thicker, softer in structure (less dry) and also "softer" in taste. "But when I ate biltong in Africa it was dry as leather", you might say. Well, yes, but you're not in Africa anymore. Overthere everybody and his mother makes biltong and after production before it found it's way to you in the shop it continued drying. And got more and more dry. That's why in Africa they even sell special "biltong cutters" that operate with levers so you can put more force into cutting that bone-dry biltong.
In Holland you don't need that because you! Directly after production I make sure the biltong gets vacuüm-sealed to make sure you can enjoy fresh biltong, as if produced the day before you purchased it. Just take out your favorite knife and cut of a piece and start enjoying.
Your welcome. ;-)

Why don't I import Soutafrican biltong?
Because it's not allowed to import this into the E.G. because in Southafrica there is foot-and-mouth disease (mond en klauwzeer). So you really don't want me to import that.
And actually we can produce biltong in Holland at least just as good as in Africa. Just not dried in somebody's garden or shed but in an clean and goverment-controlled regulated environment, HAACP-proofand all.

How to preserve biltong?
In the fridge. It's still meat and it's without artificial additives to make it last longer so it's a bit more vulnarable than a thinner and more dry piece of jerky. So please keep it in the refridgerator, maybe even wrapped in that special "food foil", shrinkage foil, vershoud folie, you know the stuff that's so hard to cut of and work with..? Moisture is always the enemy of dried food products so keep the biltong dry and clean and it will last a long time when you enjoy it in a slow pace.