indiana jerky indiana steak bar
Indiana Super Set 6 x 100 gram* jerky and 2 steak bars incl. postage
The 6 different tastes of Indiana jerky in de big 100 gram* bags. Ideal as a gift. Price is incl. shipping in NL.
€ 49,00
Price per unit

Indiana Super Set 6 x 100 gram jerky plus 2 x Indiana steak bar, incl. shipping in NL

Get to know the range of Indiana jerky well. Also ideal as a gift.

Of the major jerky brands, this is perhaps the most beautiful jerky in the world. No sugar added as with the "junk jerky's" from the supermarkets and no predominant marinade. Because you're Worth It.

Indiana jerky is top quality meat that is cut into thin strips, then marinated and then these strips are hung on a grid above a wood fire in a drying cabinet where they are dried and smoked. The strips are then cut into bite-sized pieces of jerky, ready to be enjoyed.

The Indiana Super Test Set consists of:

1 x Indiana beef jerky Original 100 grams
1 x Indiana beef jerky Peppered 90 grams
(=*the first taste in the new resealable bag)
1 x Indiana beef jerky Hot & Sweet 100 grams
1 x Indiana chicken jerky Original 100 grams 
1 x Indiana turkey jerky Original 100 grams
1 x Indiana pork jerky Original 100 grams
2 x Indiana beef steak bar 20 grams

Price includes shipping in the Netherlands. Shipping to Belgium and Germany is an extra € 3,95 per total order.