crazy chicken offer Indiana chicken jerky 100 gram
Crazy chicken offer from € 25,- or more excl. postage

When you've already ordered for at least € 25,- or more then you can add the Crazy Indiana chicken jerky for just € 6,- per bag to your order.

€ 6,00
Price per 



Crazy chicken 100 gram special price excl. shipping

When you have already ordered for at least € 25,- then you can add this 'Crazy" Indiana chicken jerky for just € 6,- a piece to that same order. It's in fact a normal Indiana chicken jerky 100 gram, just cheaper.

But it only works when you've ordered for at least the mentioned € 25,-! Don't go ordering and paying for just the Crazy chicken without the rest because then it's really not going to happen. I just can't ship it for that price.

Of the big jerky brands, this is perhaps the most beautiful jerky in the world. No sugar added as with the "junk jerky's" from the supermarkets and no predominant marinade. Because you're worth It.

Indiana chicken jerky Original is top quality chicken meat that is cut, then marinated and then it's placed above a wood fire in a drying cabinet where they are dried and smoked. It's then cut into bite-sized pieces of jerky, ready to be enjoyed.

Indiana chicken jerky Original contains:
4% fat
5% seasalt
1% carbohydrates 

It takes about 240 grams of chicken meat to make 100 grams Indiana chicken jerky.