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Indiana beef jerky Peppered 200 gr. incl. post

The beef Peppered is more spicy than the Original but less sharp than the Hot & Sweet. Price for 2 bags of 100 gram incl. shipping in NL.

€ 15,95



Indiana beef jerky peppered 200 gram incl. postage

Indiana beef Peppered is more spicy than taste Original but less hot than taste Hot and Sweet. With it's black peppers it slots nicely in between. It's like a pepper steak in a good steak restaurant.
Price is including shipping in NL.

1 x 2 bags of 100 gram = € 15,95
3 x 2 bags of 100 gram = € 42,00
6 x 2 bags of 100 gram = € 79,98
The price is INCLUDING SHIPPING COSTS AND TAX in Holland and is therefore the lowest price for jerky in this country.
Indiana beef jerky is made of fine quality beef, cut into thin slices and then marinated. After that it’s hung to dry over a woodfire. Then the slices are cut into ready-to-eat pieces. Enjoy!
Indiana beef jerky contains:
50% proteïns
4% fat
5% salt
1% carbonhydrates
Gluten free
Sugar free