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Indiana chicken jerky Original 200 gram incl. postage

Great tasting jerky, very easy to chew. You like chicken? You'll love Indiana chicken jerky! Price is for 2 bags of 100 gram incl. shipping in NL.

€ 15,95



Indiana chicken jerky Original 200 gram incl. shipping in NL

Chicken jerky, because sometimes you just want something else. And why chicken jerky? Well, why not? It's one of the world's most popular meats and as jerky it still tastes great. Maybe it's even better because now the taste is more intens. 
It's the jerky most easy to chew. Maybe you've got some problems with chewing or you just like chicken very much so... Whatever your reason is, I got your jerky.
At events the Indiana chicken jerky is one of my most popular jerky's. I sell tons of it!

Indiana chicken Original is top quality chicken meat cut into strips, marinated, and then the strips are being placed on a grid above a wood fire in a drying room where it's being smoked and dried. After that the strips are being cut, ready to be enjoyed.

The more you order the lower the price per bag gets. Price including shipping in Holland. For Belgium and Germany we add € 3,50 extra shippingcosts.
  1 x 2 zakken van 100 gram = € 15,95
  3 x 2 zakken van 100 gram = € 42,00
  6 x 2 zakken van 100 gram = € 78,00
Indiana chicken jerky Original contains:

53% proteïns
4% fat
5% seasalt
1% carbohydrates 
Gluten free
Sugar free

It takes about 240 gram of chicken meat to produce 100 gram Indiana chicken jerky.

Fits in a low-carb diet.