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Indiana beef steak bar 20 gram

Indiana steak bar beef bar
Indiana beef steak bar 20 gram
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Delicious dried bef meat in a bar. Great for when you feel your energylevels dropping. Source of proteïn.
€ 3,00
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Indiana beef steak bar 20 gram.

It's a beef steak bar, yes Sir! And a little more tender than the Jerky.

This is an article that's usually ordered together with other articles.

Winter 2017/2018:
The Norwegian army knocks at the door of Vincent, importer of Indiana jerky in Norway. "Vincent, can Indiana make this?" and they showed Vincent a pre-packaged piece of meat from Jack Link's. "We want something like this, but with a much better taste, better structure and, in particular, much less sugar. Can Indiana produce this?"
Vincent answered "I'll talk to Indiana" ...
Summer 2018:
The Norwegian army is the first buyer of the Indiana steak bar, and they love it!
Winter 2018/2019:
Introduction of the steak bar in the Netherlands. Immediately the most sold product in my dried meat range.
You no longer want a Mars or any other energy bars when you have tasted this!

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