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Indiana turkey jerky Original 200 gram incl. postage

Amazing taste, easier to chew than beef jerky: it's turkey jerky! Price is per 2 bag of 100 gram including shipping in NL.

€ 15,95



Indiana turkey jerky 200 gram incl. shipping

The biggest surprise in the world of jerky's and a customers favorite at many events where customers get a chance to taste before they buy: turkey jerky.

Indiana turkey jerky Original is top quality turkey meat, cut into thin strips, marinated, and then hung to dry/smoke above a wood fire
After that the strips are cut into ready-to-eat pieces. Enjoy!

The more you order, the lower the price per bag.
Prices including shipping in The Netherlands.
  1 x 2 bags of 100 gram = € 15,95
  3 x 2 bags of 100 gram = € 42,00
  6 x 2 bags of 100 gram = € 79,98
Indiana turkey jerky Original contains:

53% proteïns
4% fat
5% sea salt
1% carbohydrates
Gluten free
Sugar free

It takes approx. 240 grams of turkey meat to produce 100 grams of Indiana turkey jerky.