Kangoeroe biltong
Kangaroo biltong excl. shipping.

Kangaroo biltong. Yes, seriously! Beautiful bio meat. Price is € 8,95 per 100 gram and excl. shipping.

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Kangaroo biltong. Seriously! Price is per 100 gram and excl. shipping.

And here he is finally! And don't think this is the same as what you tasted on your vacation in Oz because that doesn't match the quality I have here for you. Beautiful pieces of kangaroo meat, wonderfully seasoned and without any preservatives or scary flavor enhancers or whatever. Beautiful organic meat. Great for a cozy get-together or if you want to treat your guests to something really special.

Price is € 8,95 per 100 gram and is without shipping costs.
If you would want some then please send an e-mail to mark@beefjerkykopen.nl and ask me for it. Most of the pieces are between 100 and 200 grams.

If you would like this product without shipping costs then do yourself a favor and order (at least) 4 bags of Indiana jerky. (Big possibility you already wanted some of those since this is the brand I'm building my reputation with in Europe.) Those 4 bags already got the shipping price for a box included and so Skippy can hop along for free.