Wild boar biltong excl. shipping.

Wild boar biltong with light peppered taste. tastes at least as good as beef biltong. Price is € 8,95 per 100 gram excl. shipping costs.

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Wild boar biltong. Price without shipping costs.

Never thought that wild boar meat could taste that good. When at events I let people taste this I'm through my stock in no-time! The wild boar peppered (peppered) version is slightly peppered with black and chili peppers and this is done so subtle that nothing of the original taste has been lost. It will be just a bit more spicy than the normal wild boar biltong.
I do like this more subtle work. For me it is not necessary that the peppers come at you like a slap in the face and the maker of these goodies has listened to me very well and has seasoned the meat perfectly.

So this time I haven't got wild boar jerky but wild boar biltong! It's still got that delicious, exclusive and "wild" taste, but not as dry and in small pieces as with the jerky, but in large, tender pieces that you can still cut yourself.
Very special and ideal to serve "under the Christmas tree", but also during a movie night, games evening, or you make it up yourself when to enjoy.

Price is € 8,50 per 100 grams.
Comes in packages mainly between 200 and 300 grams. Do you want it? Buy this item here in the webshop and write in the "comments" how many grams you want, then I will see what I have for you and I will send you the payment details.
If you have not ordered anything else the web shop will not accept a purchase of zero Euro and instead of ordering it through the webshop you will have to arrange it via an email to mark@beefjerkykopen.nl. Postage is € 5.95 in Holland if you have not ordered anything else.