Zebra biltong,  price excl. shipping
Zebra biltong, price excl. shipping

Extremely exclusive and it even tastes good too! Price of € 17,95 per 100 gr. is not including shipping.

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Zebra biltong, price excl. shipping.

How exclusive do you want it to be? And it tastes good too. Seriously!

Zebra biltong is wonderful organic meat without any artificial additives.
The biltong pieces are mostly(!) between 200 and 350 grams. So if you want some then write in the comments how many grams you want and then I'll see what comes closest to that.

The price is € 17,95 per 100 grams. Price excl. shipping but if you order some articles that do got shipping included then this rides along for free. No problem.

Zebra biltong is suger free and gluten free.