What is junk jerky? And what is the difference between my jerky and junk jerky?

Junk jerky is the jerky you get from the supermarket or through most websites on the internet. Why do I call that junk jerky? I will explain to you.

The big difference between my jerky and 99% of all other jerkies is that my range is completely sugar-free. Is sugar added to jerky!?!? Hell yes! Virtually all manufacturers add sugar to their marinade to speed up the drying process (sugar is a preservative) and producing more (weight) in less time is making more money. However, it also ensures that the jerky tastes like candy (sweet), the meat is less dry and a bit like wet cardboard, and you get less meat in the bag because each bag is finished off at a certain weight and that weight is now reached faster because the jerky still contains moisture. So you actually get a little screwed with every bag of junk jerky you buy because you don't get much dried meat for it.
You wondered why your bag of jerky is always empty so quickly? Now you know: it chews too easily and there is not that much jerky in the bag to begin with.

My jerky has no added sugar, is therefore drier (because it has to stay in the dryer for a longer period of time), you can chew on it longer, is firmer, really tastes like meat and not like a piece of gumball. The types of meat are therefore clearly recognizable. Because of the lack of sugar, I don't have terriyakki, honey, barbeque or other fantasy flavors. I have beef, chicken, turkey, moose/european elk, deer, pig, wild boar, kangaroo, zebra and horse. And of all that goodness there is also proportionately more product per bag. You're welcome.

Starting with junk jerky is very normal, I did it too, 22 years ago when I ate my first bag of Jack Link's jerky. I didn't know any better. But now you have arrived here at my range of dried meat products and now you can try some of the most beautiful and finest jerky and biltong tastes in the whole world. Once you've learned to appreciate this level of quality you won't go back to lesser qualities and I'm very proud of that.

Mark Kusters.

Photo: the backside of a bag of Jack Link's beef jerky original that already has 18% (18 grams per 100 grams) of carbohydrates in this version (so not even a special flavor). My jerky has 0% to 1% carbohydrates. Do you feel what I mean?


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