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South African style beef biltong Chili 250 gram

South African style beef biltong Chili 250 gram
South African style beef biltong Chili 250 gram
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Pré-cut beef biltong made by 6th gen. South African biltong makers Moorcroft. Taste is "Chili", so it's spicy. You can't get closer to the real stuff.

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€ 24,95

Pré-cut South African style beef biltong Chili, 250 gram.

So a long, long time ago this British family got on a ship and sailed to South Africa to start a new life there. Their name was Moorcroft. Eventually the Moorcroft family became biltong makers, very successful biltong makers. They're 6th generation biltong makers by now. But saleswise they hit the ceiling in S.A. and if you want to expand and sell on the European market then you need to produce from Europe. So recently they returned to the U.K. and now they are producing their amazing original "South African" (style) beef biltong in the U.K. for the European market and with the help of top quality Black Angus beef cattle and I import this beautiful biltong for the Dutch biltong enthousiasts.

This easy-to-chew top quality beef biltong comes in 2 tastes, this is taste "Original".
And for those who know me know I don't do small bags because small bags give you relatively high prices so I offer you big bags of 250 grams for the best price. And volume discount of course.

 1 bag of 250 grams = € 24,95
2 bags of 250 grams = € 44,90
3 bags of 250 grams = € 63,90
4 bags of 250 grams = € 81,80

Voedingswaarden per 100 gram.
energie kJ/kCal: 1231/293
Vet totaal: 11%
waarvan verzadigd 4,3%
Koolhydraten 3,9% 
waarvan suikers 3,4%
Eiwitten: 45%
Zout: 4,1%

Er is 200 gram heerlijk Black Angus vlees nodig voor het maken van 100 gram beef biltong.
Zonder MSG en zonder gluten.

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