Ultimate Selection
Ultimate Selection
Everything except the kitchen sink.
€ 200,00
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Ultimate selection  € 200,-

Everything but the kitchen sink.

Indiana jerky:
1 x beef original 100 gram
1 x beef peppered 100 gram
1 x beef hot & sweet 100 gram
1 x chicken jerky 100 gram
1 x turkey jerky 100 gram
1 x pork jerky 100 gram
6 x beef steak bar 20 gram

Wild jerky:
1 x elk jerky 40 gram
1 x deer jerky 40 gram
1 x wild boar jerky 40 gram

All natural jerky:
1 x Beef jerky cajun 200 gram
1 x Basic beef jerky 300 gram
1 x Horse jerky 200 gram
1 x Beef biltong orig. 300 gram
1 x Beef biltong peppered 300 gram
1 x Beef biltong chili 200 gram
1 x Wild boar biltong approx. 250 gram

At the end of the year you will look back at what you did, you'll look back at everything that happened, your ups and downs, and you'll remember you bought my Ultimate Selection and think "this was a damn good year!"

Everything is sugar free, soya free and gluten free exept for the Basic beef jerky because that might contain gluten. In case you have a gluten allergy: the Basic beef jerky is the only one where we can't guarantee gluten haven't come close to the meat. Send me a p.m. and we'll discuss an alternative addition.