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Beef biltong, grote stukken, made by South Africans en € 8,95 per 100 gram

Beef biltong, grote stukken, made by South Africans en € 8,95 per 100 gram
Beef biltong, grote stukken, made by South Africans en € 8,95 per 100 gram
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Made by South African biltong producer Moorcroft in the South African style with often some fat still attached to the sides. Exactly how South Africans want it.
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Beef biltong, big slabs, made by South Africans

Big pieces ("slabs") beef biltong, cut like South Africans want their national snack to be cut, with often still some fat attached to it.
Made from top quality meat: black angus cattle from the green meadows from (Northern) Ireland and made by the Moorcroft family business who are in fact a 6 generation South African biltong maker. They recently moved back from S.A. to the U.K. (to Northern Ireland, to be precise) and now they are able to sell their beautiful products on the European market. I am very proud to import their beautiful meat products.

Price is € 8,95 per 100 gram. The large pieces of biltong usually vary from 200 to 450 grams with the most choice between 250 and 380 grams.
I have beef biltong pieces from 2 producers: one Dutch and one South African. If you absolutely want the South African biltong - which often still has some fat on the side - you have come to the right place.

So, how to order? Unique pieces cannot be purchased directly through the webshop. If you have already ordered other items, you can buy this article for € 0,00 and write in the "remarks" that you would also like a piece of S.A. beef biltong of about x-gram and then I will see what I have in stock for you. If you have not ordered anything else from the webshop then the webshop system will not accept a purchase of zero euros and you must send an email to and we will arrange your purchase via email.
Payment will go through Tikkie or bank payment.

My beef biltong is produced without artificial additives, is gluten-free and without "E-numbers".

Biltong: dried meat doesn't get much nicer than this. That is why a South African does not like to leave his country: difficult to get a good biltong outside of Africa.

And what is biltong?
Biltong is a large piece of meat taken from the back (bil) of the animal and in the form of a large tongue (tong). 'Invented' by the Dutch settlers in Africa (the 'boeren') who - a few hundred years ago - had to dry their meat because they could not find electricity for their refrigerators.
It starts as a very thick piece of meat, is marinated with those typical South African herbs and spices and then it is dried for about 4 days. The end result compared to jerky is thicker, more tender and also "softer" in taste. "But when I ate biltong in Africa, it was dry as leather," you might say ...? Yes, you are no longer in Africa. Overthere everyone make biltong in their back yard and after production, before it found its way to you, it continued to dry. And became increasingly drier. That is why in Africa they even sell special "biltong cutters" that work with long levers so that you can put more power into cutting that bone-dry biltong.
You don't need that in the Netherlands because you have me. Immediately after production, I ensure that the biltong is vacuum sealed so you can enjoy farm fresh biltong, as if it were made yesterday. Just take out your favorite knife and cut a piece off and you can start enjoying.
You're welcome ;-)

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