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Beef biltong Peppered 300 gram

Beef biltong peppered
Beef biltong Peppered 300 gram
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Beef biltong Rooibokkies is the spicy, tender, pré-cut beef biltong slices made the Southern African way. 
€ 26,95

Beef biltong Peppered 300 grams,

Beef biltong Peppered is with it's black peppers the spicy version of the tender pre-cut beef biltong slices based on South African recipe.
Organic meat from Dutch origin and from reliable high quality Dutch cattle is used to make this delicious biltong. Beautiful bio meat. This is a spicy version but not blisteringly hot! It is just clearly more spicy than the Beef biltong Original 300 grams, but the Indiana beef jerky Hot & Sweet is still the most spicy in my assortment.

Without any artificial additives, without the "E-numbers" so feared by some, without soy, gluten-free and sugar-free, but full of original taste.

There is a volume discount, so the more you buy, the lower the price per item.

1 x 300 gram = €   26,95
2 x 300 gram = €   47,90
3 x 300 gram = €   68,85
4 x 300 gram = €   88,80
5 x 300 gram = € 108,50
6 x 300 gram = € 128,70

It takes about 600 gram of beef meat to produce 300 grams of beef biltong.

Storage advice: If the bag is open and the portion does not go up the same day (congratulations on your self-control), remove the biltong from the original plastic packaging and then put it in a plastic sandwich bag. (Not in a freezer bag!) Such a sandwich bag can "breathe" and prevents spoilage.
Laying the biltong loose on a plate is also fine.

The biltong can possibly be stored in the fridge, but that should be a dry fridge and make sure that the biltong is protected by cling film
A broken portion must always be kept dry and "breathable".

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