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Beef jerky bites 200 gram

Beef jerky bites 200 gram
Beef jerky bites 200 gram
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Big, tough looking, pieces of beef jerky. Taste is acceptable for most. (Not spicy.)
€ 21,95

Beef jerky bites 200 gram.

Jerky just got a bit tougher looking with these bad ass, chunky, bite-sized pieces of jerky.

Maybe they look familiar? That's because this is basically the very popular beef biltong chili bites, but without the chili peppers and I replaced the word biltong with the word jerky. (Well, "what's in a name ..?" Damn little, I can tell you and this product sits on that fuzzy dividing line between jerky and biltong.)

Top quality beef from organically reared cows with as few strange additives and preservatives as possible, without sugar of course and without the spicy chili peppers, but with a lot of flavor. (Leave that to the maker of not only these beef jerky bites, but also the beef biltong chili bites, the wild boar biltong, the zebra biltong and kangaroo biltong. He makes beautiful original flavors and every kind of meat tastes differently.)

It is top quality beef from organically raised cows, and produced without any artificial additives, gluten-free and and sugar-free and without E numbers.

The more you order, the lower the price per bag.

1 x 200 gram = € 21,95
2 x 200 gram = € 39,90
3 x 200 gram = € 56,85
4 x 200 gram = € 73,80

My beef biltong is produced without artificial additives, is gluten-free and sugar-free, and without "E-numbers".

It takes about 400 grams of beef to make 200 grams of beef jerky bites.

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