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SOLD OUT - Bison biltong, price € 19,95 per 100 gram.

Bizon jerky biltong
SOLD OUT - Bison biltong, price € 19,95 per 100 gram.
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The non-plus-ultra. And tastes good too! It has a delicious strong taste. Beautiful bio-meat from bisons from the plains in Canada. Price is 19,95 per 100 gram.
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Bison biltong, the "non plus ultra" in dried meat.

Yesss!!! The most special biltong there is, the non-plus-ultra, the Big Daddy, the dried meat that is actually the textbook example when one thinks of dried meat. That Indian sitting in front of his teepee by the campfire and setting up a wooden rack with strips of bison meat hanging from it… That's it. The real "Tatanka". It doesn't get more "Dances with wolves" than this, and it tastes good too! Count on a strong taste. "Subtle" doesn't live here anymore. You will be aware you're eating bison.

My bison biltong is made of beautiful bio-meat from Canada.

Price is € 19.95 per 100 grams.. Most pieces are between 280 and 380 grams.

How to order? Unique pieces cannot be purchased directly via the webshop. If you have already ordered other items, you can write in the "comments" that you would also like a piece of bison biltong of about x-gram and I'll see what I have for you. If you have not ordered anything else from the webshop, the webshop system does not accept a purchase of zero euros and you must send an email to and we will arrange your purchase by email.

My beef biltong is free of artificial preservatives, sugar free, soy free and gluten free and is beautiful organic meat.

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