One Facebook is nice. Two Facebooks are more fun.

You can find me twice on Facebook: as "beefjerkykopen.nl" and under my own name "Mark Kusters".

The beefjerkykopen.nl account is the "official" account that is open to everyone and where I make the more important announcements such as product news, news about events where I promote my beef jerky and biltong, etc.
Here you will find my Facebook page:

My personal "Mark Kusters" account goes a step further. Not only are the above announcements made, but also the often short-lived promotions and promotions, exclusive series, giveaways....
This is the account used for direct communication. And because "customers" are slowly but surely turning into "friends" with me, I hereby invite you to become a Facebook friend too. Cozy.
Here you will find my personal Facebook page: