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Deliverytime 2 weeks. Halal beef jerky cajun 200 gram.

Mark's beef jerky cajun halal
Deliverytime 2 weeks. Halal beef jerky cajun 200 gram.
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Big pieces of top quality beef jerky. Taste "Cajun" is spicy. And it's halal! Price is per bag of 200 gram.
€ 25,95

Halal beef jerky cajun 200 gram.

The jerky that started it all 10 years ago: made from tender beef meat and of course without any artificial additives. And now it's halal

This is taste "Cajun" and that means it's a little bit sweet & spicy, "Louisiana-style". And it is absolutely delicious! The biggest difference between my jerky and most other products is that the meat has NOT been marinated, only seasoned, so you really taste the original beef. 

This is jerky like in the old days: big dry pieces of jerky that you can often tear them yourself. Let your inner Viking out!

The more you order the lower the price per bag.

1 x 200 gram = € 25,95
2 x 200 gram = € 47,90
3 x 200 gram = € 69,90

It takes about 800 grams of beef meat to create 200 grams of Halal beef jerky cajun. Yes, seriously!

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