Indiana jerky in resealable bags

Small revolution at my main brand Indiana jerky: resealable bags.

Indiana jerky now comes in resealable bags! I am very happy with this because the jerky will last longer. I have been supplying these bags in the beef peppered taste for about three weeks now and I have already received several enthusiastic reactions. Very nice!

The Indiana beef jerky peppered is therefore the first flavor to be delivered in resealable 90 gram bags. As I continue to work through my stock of 100 gram bags, the other flavors will eventually all be delivered in the new version. I think the transition will be completed sometime in mid-July.

From a production point of view, applying such a resealable strip is of course slightly more difficult and therefore also more expensive. In order not to let the price rise or not too much (my purchase price will go up, my sales price to you will remain -for the time being- constant!) The amount of the content goes from 100 grams to 90 grams. So what used to be a "regular" large 100 gram bag of Indiana jerky is now a resealable 90 gram large bag. Still the same price for now. (But the situation in the world makes that extremely difficult!)

I hope you, my regular customers, will embrace the new bags. I have already heard that they are nicer to use and I hope that everyone will experience it as such. The taste remains as always: top!