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South African style beef stix Original 200 gram

South African style beef stix Original 200 gram
South African style beef stix Original 200 gram
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Beef biltong stix made by 6th gen. South African biltong makers Moorcroft. Strong, dry, "stix"', so you eat and chew this like the adventurer you really are. Taste "Chili" is mild spicy.

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€ 24,95

South African style beef stix Original 200 gram

Long ago the Moorcroft family boarded a ship and sailed from Britain to South Africa to start a new life. Eventually the Moorcroft family became biltong makers, very successful biltong makers. They are now the 6th generation of biltong makers. But in terms of sales, they have in Z.A. reached the ceiling and if you want to expand and sell the European market, you have to produce from Europe. So recently they returned to G.B. and now they produce their delicious original "South African" (style) beef biltong in Northern Ireland for the European market and using top quality Black Angus cattle and then I import this beautiful biltong for the Dutch biltong enthusiasts.

This version biltong is/are the dry sturdy "sticks" ("stix") and when you tear and chew this you imagine yourself a tough cowboy or explorer. The taste is "Chili", but it's mild spicy, not flaming hot spicy.

And those who know me know that I don't do small bags because with small bags you have relatively high prices, so I offer you large bags of 200 grams for a competitive price. And volume discount of course.

1 bag of 200 grams 
 = € 24,95
2 bags of 200 grams = € 44,90
3 bags of 200 grams = € 63,90
4 bags of 200 grams = € 81,80

Beef biltong stix Chili contains:
45% proteins
11% fat
4.1% salt
3.9% carbohydrates
Gluten free
Sugar free
Soy free

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