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Wild boar biltong original 300 gram pré-cut

Wild boar biltong 300 gram gesneden
Wild boar biltong original 300 gram pré-cut
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Superb, exclusive, mild taste, Pre-cut.
€ 30,95

Wild boar biltong original 300 gram pré-cut.

The sensation of 2019, the wild boar biltong, now not only available in the original pieces, but also pre-cut in bags of 300 grams. Nice and easy and of course this is made exclusively for me: nobody else has this in their range!

Wild boar is beautiful meat and from animals that have had a fantastic life. It doesn't get more organic than this and you can taste that delicious original taste in the only slightly peppered meat. (black peppers)

The more you order, the lower the price per bag:


1 x 300 gram = €   30,95
2 x 300 gram = €   56,90
3 x 300 gram = €   82,35
4 x 300 gram = € 106,60
5 x 300 gram = € 131,25   

For shipping to Belgium or Germany it takes just an extra € 3,50 per totall order.

It takes about 600 grams of wild boar meat to make 300 grams of wild boar biltong.
This product is gluten free, sugar free, and free from any kind of artificial additives and preservatives.

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Karolien - 08-10-2023 16:34

Zò lekker. Echt mn favoriet uit het hele assortiment.