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3 x Wild boar jerky 40 gram

Wild boar jerky biologisch vlees
3 x Wild boar jerky 40 gram
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The organic wild boar is wonderfully mildly spiced. Price is for 3 bags of 40 grams.
€ 17,95

3 x Wild boar jerky 40 gram.

The Wild jerky's are among my organic products. This meat comes from animals that have spent their entire lives in the forests of Estonia.

Wild boar is a delicacy in restaurants during the winter holidays. Now a fantastic jerky has been made so that you can enjoy it all year round. Wild boar is delicious meat and with lots of proteïn.
The Wild series has a drying factor of almost 3.5:1 (Indiana jerky is approx. 2.5:1), so you should eat it at a leisurely pace. This is real gourmet jerky.

Te more you buy the lower the price per bag.

1 x 3 bags of 40 gram = € 16,95
2 x 3 bags of 40 gram = € 31,90
4 x 3 bags of 40 gram = € 59,80

About 140 grams of wild boar meat is needed to make 40 grams of Wild boar jerky.

40 grams of Wild boar jerky contains:
823 kJ / 198 kCal energy
68% proteins
7% fat
0% carbohydrates

Fits in a low-carb diet.

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