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3 x Wild deer jerky 40 gram

Wild deer hert jerky biologisch vlees
3 x Wild deer jerky 40 gram
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Top quality tender wild game meat. Bio-meat, tastes great! Price is for 3 bags of 40 gram.

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€ 16,95

3 x Wild deer jerky 40 gram.

Top quality tender wild game meat. it 's exclusive and great tasting meat.
And because it was such a big hit it now remains in the product range!

The Wild jerky's are among my organic products. This meat comes from animals that have spent their entire lives in the forests of Estonia. To maintain that special wild taste, this jerky is not marinated but only slightly seasoned for the most authentic taste experience possible.

The more you buy the lower the price per bag.

1 x 3 bags of 40 gram = € 16,95
2 x 3 bags of 40 gram = € 29,90
4 x 3 bags of 40 gram = € 56,00 

40 gram Wild deer jerky contains:
677 kJ/126 kcal energy
70% proteïns
8% fat (4% saturated fat)
0% carbohydrates

It takes about 350 gram of deer steak to make 100 gram of Wild deer jerky.

Fits in a carbohydrate-low diet.

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