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Goose biltong, 1 breast approx. 100 gram.

Gans biltong
Goose biltong, 1 breast approx. 100 gram.
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Delicious smoked and dried goose breast biltong, 1 pieces approx. 100 gram.
€ 19,95
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Goose biltong, 1 breast piece approx. 100 gram.

Finally, those terror geese are being put to good use since they have entered our country illegally: they get eaten. And you know what? They even taste good too!

We only use the most beautiful part of the goose: the breast. You get one goose breast fillet that is very subtly seasoned and then smoked and dried.

About the goose biltong:
It is beautiful breast of goose fillet from those terror geese that are now flooding the Netherlands and displacing the native geese and ducks, which cause a lot of nuisance on farm fields and at airports, and it tastes excellent. They need to be more on the national menu because here's an illegal alien you'd love to have at the table. Top bio product and you get a breasts that is only slightly salted and peppered and it alreay taste amazing. Honestly. Big surprise to me too.

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Hannah Apperloo - 15-05-2023 14:59

Fantastisch vlees, overheerlijk, ik wil nooit meer iets anders