Are you pregnant? Congratulations!
And have you heard from your doctor or read on the internet that you are not allowed to eat jerky? You are allowed to eat Indiana jerky!

What's up with that? I'll explain to you.
It is true that the parasite called toxoplasmosa gondii that can occur in food survives at the temperatures that are used during smoking and drying. Not dangerous for you but -possibly- harmful for your unborn child. (That is why it is recommended that you prepare / cook all your food properly.) However the meat used for Indiana jerky was -before drying- cooked at a temperature of 72 degrees celsius just to kill any parasites or bacteria that might were in the meat

The biltong meat and the other jerkies on the other have not had this treatment and that's why they are  NOT SAFE to eat when you are pregnant. I'm sorry.

Mark Kusters.