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About me

Who Am I?
Welcome to the site of the Dutch importer of the tastiest jerky in the country, the Indiana jerky, of the exclusive Wild jerky and the tastiest biltong in the country. My name is Mark Kusters. Nice to meat you. (this never gets old)

Why sell dried meat?
In retrospect, the decision to sell jerky was the best decision of the last 20 years. I'm completely at my place here! The contact with the customers at the events, to enthusiastically promote your product, sell delicious products that I love myself too ... This is not a job, this is a hobby!
And I am very proud that since the first year (2012) my website has been at pagina 1 of the search results. Never paid a cent to Google! Simply done on quality and customer loyalty.

My background?
I come from store sales, from the better camping goods stores. We were used to give good advice to customers when it comes to a sleeping bag, tent, or a pair of hiking boots. I was formed there and that is still noticeable in my approach to my customers: I do my best to give you a pleasant "buying experience".
Given the reactions in my Guestbook, I think it works.

Lowest prices in western-Europe.
Top quality(!) jerky and biltong are usually hardly available in the Netherlands, but always expensive items. I keep my prices low by having small margins and by sending efficiëntly and often creatively.
That is why top quality beef jerky and biltong are priced more favorably with me than anywhere else, and the more pieces you purchase, the lower the price. And the prices include shipping. Clarity first. You like?

I promote my products at trade shows and events in the country, via Facebook, and of course through this site. So apart from virtual, there is a very real chance that we will also meet in the country. Where meat lovers meet there you will find me.
See ya?

Mark Kusters