Elfia, April 2022

Elfia, the large semi-annual fantasy event, was held for the first time in 2 years (thanks to "Corona") on the grounds of the large castle De Haar in Haarzuilens. And what a party it was! Sun-drenched castle gardens, a huge amount of visitors, everyone in a festive mood, by far most of them nicely dressed. Delicious.
And the jerky stall with dried meat and dried fruit was again in the same location as the previous editions, at a crossroads of 3 paths, and was again like a bee's nest full of activity because the visitors managed to find me again in large numbers. So very nice!
And also nice was the fact that I was not alone this edition. On Saturday I had help from Laurena and on Sunday sisters Cheyenne & Chinook came to help me. Their presence ensured that I was not only in top gear with regard to the work in the booth, but also could downshift to appreciate the interaction with the customers and colleagues more. The adrenaline level could go down, so to speak, and the fun level could go up significantly. That is why I have experienced this Elfia edition as the most fun ever!
So: Laurena, Cheyenne & Chinook, many thanks for your help and for the fun. And to all customers who bought delicious jerky, biltong and dried fruit: a huge thank you, also for the fun but of course also for your patronage.